All You Need to Know about Shoulder Blade Pain

Even though shoulder blade pain looks just like a mild pain but everyone should not belittle this type of condition because this pain could only lead to aches on your other body parts like neck, back, or even chest. This is when you have to realize that we could not just ignore pain between shoulder blades if you do not want to end up with endless pain on your whole body that you could not even move without causing painful feelings. These might be only starters because according to some researchers, some conditions that we usually ignore like pain between shoulder blades during pregnancy, pain between shoulder blades and chest pain and neck are symptoms of different health issues.

Shoulder Blade Pain Causes

Do you know that shoulder blade pain cause is very varied, range from severe diseases to mild physical damages that are easily treatable? And of course this is the major point of why we should not ignore shoulder pain especially the one that would not disappear for a long time (for weeks). So, if you experience unfamiliar pain between your shoulder blades then we really recommend you to visit your doctor. And that would be a must when you have a family history of fatal diseases. There are many reasons why some people have experienced severe pain between their shoulder blades. One of them would be because of gallbladder or heart attack. For gallbladder, the actual source of the pain is on your upper right of the abdomen that could be felt on your right shoulder. The pain will usually last for several minutes and it usually happens out of the blue.

People who get heart attack usually feel the pain on their left chest but it could also be on their shoulder blades as well. So it is really important for us to not belittle a condition as mild as shoulder blade muscle pain because it could also lead to another more severe condition without us knowing it. And we hope that after reading this, you would take every change in your body seriously regardless of the level of its severity.

Shoulder Blade Pain Treatments

Shoulder Blade Pain

There are many things you could do to treat shoulder pain. The treatments range from simple back shoulder blade pain treatment to the complicated one. You could try some easy shoulder exercises to not only train the muscles and joints of your shoulders and back but also to alleviate the pain especially when it is back. If you are not fond of doing exercises, you may want to treat the pain with a simple way by using counter medicines such as muscle relaxers or pain relievers. Not only that, if you want to try other treatments, you have to try special massage or acupuncture as a part of shoulder blade pain recovering process. Many people have tried those methods and most of them were quite satisfied with the result. But if you want to use something simple, try ice pack.

Causes of Right Shoulder Blade Pain and Gallstones Disease

If left shoulder blade pain could be a sign of heart problem, right shoulder blade pain could also be used to warn you of a quite severe disease called gallstones or gallbladder. And people who have this disease would only be able to get rid of it through surgery so you might want to be careful of this disease and learning the symptoms would be a great start for you. But if you want to be safe, even if that pain on your right shoulder blade is not caused by gallbladder, you might also have to visit the doctor because gallstones disease is not the only disease that has shoulder blade pain as a symptom.

The Symptoms of Gallbladder that Accompany Right Shoulder Blade Pain

There are also several other symptoms that would often appear alongside of pain under right shoulder blade. So you need to look out for other symptoms as well. First thing first, we have shortness of breath. It could be because you do not exercise regularly or it could also be because it is a symptom of gallstones disease. But if right shoulder blade pain and shortness of breath appear at the same time then you could be sure that those things are the symptoms of gallbladder and of course you should visit your doctor as soon as possible to check your condition. Other symptoms besides pain in right shoulder blade and shortness of breath are such as sweating and vomiting really often.

Shoulder Blade Pain

This is definitely the case in which you have to start to care about your body and to understand it in a more different level because a lot of people often belittle shoulder pain and do not examine it whether it is pain between shoulder blades, left shoulder blade pain, or pain in right shoulder blade. They often feel that those three types of shoulder blade pain are only the same but occur on different parts of your shoulder. You need to stop that kind of attitude and pay attention more to what your body is feeling and what is meant by that like when you experience pain behind right shoulder blade gallbladder.

Treatment for Right Shoulder Blade Pain

According to some researchers, gallbladder or as we often call gallstones disease is often triggered by oily meal so you should level up your cautiousness especially in selecting what types of meal you want to consume in daily basis. The pain that is caused by this disease is actually quite unbearable for some people because the source might only on your upper right of the abdomen but the aches and pains are able to travel to other parts of your body like shoulder, chest, and even arms. And if you have been informed by your doctor that the pain is caused by gallbladder then the only choice to relieve the pain is through surgery. You should also pay attention to other parts of your body when this condition is occurring because it could also cause right shoulder blade pain hurts to breathe as it is painful.

Causes of Left Shoulder Blade Pain

It is important for you to know your own body because whenever it is facing some problems; certainly you are the one that would feel the pain and the consequences. So from now on, try to understand and respect your own body. For instance, shoulder pain is something you could not ignore because this condition could lead to something more dangerous and fatal. And this is exactly why you need to care of your own body to its details because something as simple and harmless (on the surface) as shoulder pain could also be a symptom of something more overwhelming.

Tingly Sensation in Left Shoulder Blade Pain

Do you know that the shoulder blade area where you feel the pain actually also give a certain sign that you should not ignore? For instance, when you feel pain under left shoulder blade it could be a sign of heart problem. It is a possibility because if you have a heart problem then your left chest would usually be in so much pain. And the ache could actually travel to your left shoulder blade because the nerves of all your left body parts are under the same control of your brain. Then you could end up with left shoulder blade pain and chest pain.

That is one of the reasons why you should never ignore pain behind left shoulder blade. It could occur out of the blue even when you spend most of your time sitting still. And of course you could try to relieve the pain if it is unbearable. But first you have to make sure that it is not caused by heart problem, you could relieve your shoulder blade pain when sitting by getting off of the chair and starting to do a little shoulder exercise. It would surely help you to alleviate the pain. A little simple motion that you could repeat several times without special equipment would be the best choice especially if you are at your workplace and not at home.

Causes of Left Shoulder Blade Pain

There are several types of shoulder pain that you should be aware of. Some will cause you so much pain even when you have reduced your mobility. And some other would only cause a pain when you move the part that is the source of the pain. This left shoulder blade pain with movement would gradually be gone if you want to take medications such as pain relievers or apply some muscle relaxers. Even if those things are not relieving much of the pain but at least you will not be in so much pain when moving your body so you do not have to reduce your mobility.

It is scary that left shoulder blade pain could be a sign of heart problem but of course it could also be caused by several mild situations like aging pains for old people, a rotator muscle or cuff, pinched nerve, flu pains that is quite common, or even wrong sleeping positions that also often occur to some people out there.

How to Do Shoulder Exercises to Alleviate the Pains

Shoulder pain is a very common problem for everyone especially people who often do shoulder movements or in some cases, spending a very long time working over a table or desk. So if we could sum it up, shoulder pain will often occur when people either overuse their shoulders or do not move them that much. And to get rid of the aches, we could do simple shoulder exercises. Let’s get started by trying to follow these techniques.

Simple Shoulder Exercises

This technique might need you to use equipment but don’t you worry because you would only need to use your stretchy resistance band. Resistance exercise is a very great way because it will help you to train not only your shoulders but also your whole back and your arms. The motions are aimed to improve a lot of aspects like muscle motion range, its strength, and also the flexibility. And the shoulder exercise position is very varied so you maybe could improvise a little bit depending on your specific purposes.

Shoulder Blade Exercises

The first shoulder strengthening exercises you probably could try is very simple. You only need to anchor the band to something sturdy that is waist high to make it easier for you doing the motions. Those you could use as anchor could be staircase or doorknob as long as it is strong enough to hold the resistance band in place. You could start it by grabbing the band and face away from the anchor, just like when you want to pull something. Do this so that there would be some tension in the band.

Shoulder Blade Pain

This is the continuation of the shoulder strengthening exercises. Raise your arm in front of you and keep it stiff but do not raise it too high. Just keep it level. Pause for a second after your arm reaches its highest point which is your shoulder level. After that you could slowly lower it back down at your legs. Repeat this motion 15 times. And after you get a good rhythm, it could become a relaxing shoulder pain exercises.

Shoulder Exercises, Training and Workouts

Doing continuously shoulder exercise is a good start especially when the pain is back because by doing the exercise at that moment, it will help to alleviate the shoulder pain. Some people might think that we are crazy by forcing them to get going with the exercise while the body part is still in pain. Of course not because it will only help you to not only alleviate the pain but also to increase mobility. It is because when we get shoulder blade pain, the pain will only get worse and cause your muscles stiffer if you do not get them moving freely even though, yes, it might cause you a lot of pain but only in a shorter time. If you could not do some conventional simple shoulder exercises like lifting or straining then you might want to try swimming because some people said that the increased cheerfulness is going to help you lessen the tension on the joints.